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by | Dec 7, 2018

Terry Livesey
Production Director – DT Studios

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1)     How did you get into this industry?    
Getting into this industry was a lifestyle choice. I use to work in the TV & Film industry and somehow I then managed to set up an IT business and after 10 years, realised that it just wasn’t ticking the boxes for me anymore and I really missed the creative industry.  Luckily the IT business was very successful, so I sold that to have a lifestyle business now, of which I turned my passion for photography/videography into the business it is today. After 9 years in this field I’ve realised that it’s true what people say about working in a job you love – in that you never really work a day in your life.

2)     What do you enjoy most about being in the business? 
It’s getting to create something which helps your client excel in their business. Oh, and I get to play with all the latest tech because I either need it for work (honestly) or I have to photograph it.

3)     What top 3 words/ phrases describe you best?
Everything is beautiful – Every product I photograph/video is beautiful and I need to show that – even if it’s a nut & bolt.
Enthusiastic – If I’m not excited by your project, how can I deliver exceptional results.

4)     What would you say would be your biggest achievement to date?
My family – nothing comes easy in this world and having a family in which I get to be there for and watch grow is so rewarding but I must admit that I treat my business as a family member as well, as it’s great to nurture and watch it grow as well. Oh, I’ve also been involved in creating TV programs which have won BAFTAs, I have also won a few international awards for my photography.

5)     What is your weakness?
Work and over critical. Yes, I can be a little obsessed with being the best at what I do and also over critical in making sure every detail is perfect – because that’s important to me.

6)     What motivates you?
Creating something new and exciting – every project is a great challenge and I want it to be the best the client can get within their budget.

7)     What de-motivates?
Clients who don’t care about their product or brand. If you’re not excited about what you do, how can you expect your customer to be?

8)     Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Still where I’m currently at; enjoying creating and delivering photography and video.

9)     What is the best USP about your current business?
Me – That’s not me being vain but I’m lucky in that I get to be visual and my work speaks for itself and it also shows my creative style and that is why people employ my services.

10)  What is your favourite local shop?
DeBeers Garden Centre – Now I’m no gardener and the closest thing I get to the garden is a barbecue in the summer but this place is great as they have branched out and I can get some really unique gift for any occasion but best of all I can get my car valeted whilst I have lunch in the cafe.

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