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by | Nov 16, 2018

Candidate: Jabba Riaz
Mayor of Worcester 



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1) How did you get into this industry?
In my public role as Mayor, I got into Politics at about the age of 32 I wasn’t happy with the fact that my local park was run down and neglected. I campaigned for more funding to get investment. I joined a political party and stood for election and won. The 1st year was the most difficult as I realised the bureaucracy and protocols involved in making decisions wasn’t the same as the private sector I was so used to. From then I gradually got more roles and responsibilities, holding several portfolios before eventually being chosen as Mayor.

2) What do you enjoy most about being in the business?
The ability to be able make a difference and lead from the front help the city and my constituents.

3) What top 3 words/ phrases describe you best?
Competitive, Passionate, Dreamer.

4) What would you say would be your biggest achievement to date?
On a political level – approving the business case for the £13m new swimming pool in Worcester & £250,000 for my local park.
On a Mayoral level – dusting of the cobwebs of the Mayoralty and changing the perception that this is an old boys club, and spreading enthusiasm and positivity through my message of Love not Hate

5) What is your weakness?
Chocolate, and expecting too much of others and myself

6) What motivates you?
My daughter, parents, and this beautiful, brilliant city

7) What de-motivates?
Constant moaners, haters and neigh sayers and war/poverty

8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Goat herding in Morocco, no seriously, could quite easily quit the rat race if I had the opportunity, or the most likely scenario going for a more senior position like Police Crime Comissioner, MP or Leader of the Council.
Life is so much more than achievement or a gold medal. It’s good to have goals and in 5 years I hope to have made a valuable contribution to this city and left it in a better state than where I started.

9) What is the best USP about your current business?
In terms of the City: heritage, history and looking out for the best interests of the people

10) What is your favourite local shop?
Best local Shop is Black & White on Foregate street an independent coffee shop, that does artisan food also. Centrally and conveniently located, they do the best aromatic and flavorsome exotic tea. One cup will be sure to put your worries aside and reinforce the Kevlar.

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Jabba’s Charity Ball is on the 15th March; can you help support two amazing charities with sponsorship,donations or a raffle prizes?

contact Gill Preece 01905 722001
Chosen Charities:

St Richards Hospice 

Worcester Community Trust & Worcester Live 


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