Headturner Search have a background in placing candidates from all walks of life and all levels of experience from junior level to director level executives internationally.

All candidates face the same fears and as we know changing roles in your career ranks amongst the highest stress levels you will face during your lifetime.

How does Headturner ease and aid this process? 
We strongly believe in transparent relationships and as such our key values are:


We have a thorough process when it comes to learning about your background and requirements going forward and we will be aiming to find out everything about your successes and plans for the future. It’s never a quick process but very much worth it in the end and we pride ourselves in our knowledge of you.


Most often it’s the case you will likely be working during the day, therefore our focus is to be accessible to you as possible at all times. We are not only here to fully brief and consult throughout the process we are also available for anything you may wish to talk through at a time that suits you.


We thrive and are also very proud to be a consistent recruiter. Many of our candidates are regularly promoted and then become our clients. Some may choose a completely different opportunity later down the line. We are still working with the same candidates to this day that we did many years ago. That surely says something about us…

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